1. NAND Competition:Global NAND Flash Makers Accelerates Development of Advanced Techs    2017-07-07
2. Intel Just Got Smoked By AMD In the Race to Unleash a Super Chip    2017-06-29
3. Micron accelerates all-flash storage speed, performance and value with new flexible petabyte-scale enterprise data center solution    2017-06-21
4. Will Qualcomm Have to Increase Its NXP Semiconductors Buyout Offer?    2017-06-15
5. Apple and Amazon want a stake in Toshiba's memory business    2017-06-07
6. WD, Sandisk Out Their First 64-Layer NAND SSDs    2017-06-02
7. Cramer's charts indicate Qualcomm's struggling stock could be gearing up for a comeback    2017-05-24
8. NXP Semiconductors, NV: Steady Sailing Into the $38 Billion Qualcomm Buyout    2017-05-18
9. Reversal of fortune for chip buyers: average prices for microcontrollers will rise    2017-05-10
10. SK Hynix to ship GDDR6 Memory for Graphics Cards by Early 2018    2017-05-03
11. Prices of SSDs and DRAM will crash in 2019, Gartner predicts    2017-04-27
12. SK Hynix Launches 72-Layer 256 Gb 3D TLC NAND with Increased Performance    2017-04-19
13. 2017 IC Growth Doubled; DRAM and NAND Prices Surge    2017-04-13
14. Semiconductor materials sales grow 2.4%    2017-04-06
15. Micron's Revenue Jumps 58% Amid Clamor For Chips    2017-03-30
16. Qualcomm’s new mobile platform brings 4G to feature phones    2017-03-23
17. Soaring Prices of Key Components Are Starting to Squeeze the Margins of Smartphone Makers, According to TrendForce    2017-03-16
18. Strong pickup in semiconductors in 2017    2017-03-07
19. Global Mobile DRAM Revenue Grew 20% Sequentially in Fourth Quarter of 2016 on Back of Robust Smartphone Shipments, Says TrendForce    2017-02-24
20. NAND Flash Prices Continue to Increase    2017-02-17
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