SSF Group (Asia) Limited is an integrated circuits, memory chips supplier. We have established good cooperation relationships with many well-known global IC manufacturers and agents. Our customers are all over the world.

Since its inception, SSF Group (Asia) Limited has grown quickly and built a reputation for excellent quality, reasonable price, rapid service and business excellence.

SSF Group (Asia) Limited is a professional electronic distributor. Major Parts and Manufactures like XILINX ALTERA TI AD NXP MICROCHIP SAMSUNG NAYAN MICRON, etc. We are committed to Service and Quality and always do our best for customers. Also, we set up the value-added services such as testing, burn chips, baked and dry packaging to ensure maximum quality of the goods.

We invite you to send us your requirements by e-mail, or by phone or fax, we would greatly appreciate an opportunity to prove our capabilities to you.

We are professional So as the leading!


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